Teaching, teaching, teaching….

Yesterday I spent five hours in front of a board!  Getting some good honest work in…  Two hours of normal class,doing the Foundations of Pure Math course, two hours of seminar, and an hour making a video lecture for the algebraic structures class.

Here are the videos for the algebraic structures class; it seems like a nice deliverable! It’s for the first section of the notes, which gives an introduction to the definition of a group, along with a bunch of examples.
Group Definition
Integers modulo n
Permutation Group
Dihedral Group
General Linear Group
The videos were shot in David’s house; the clip-on microphone that I picked up last year all but eliminated the terrible echo in the room. On the other hand, there’s a good bit of noise in the audio, which it would be great to figure out how to eliminate.

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Never a Second Chance to Botch a First Blog Post.

Ok, this seems to be basically up and running….  I’ll write a bit more of an introduction when I’m on the road with too much time on my hands.  As it is, I’m packing up my life, getting ready to leave Toronto.  I’m heading out in just a couple days, and then a week later will land in Nairobi to start a year-long stint working with Maseno University.

The name of the blog is from the song ‘Found a Job’ by the Talking Heads:
“So think about this little scene; apply it to you life.
If your work isn’t what you love, then something isn’t right.
Just look at Bob and Judy; they’re happy as can be,
Inventing situations, putting them on T.V.”