Teaching, teaching, teaching….

Yesterday I spent five hours in front of a board!  Getting some good honest work in…  Two hours of normal class,doing the Foundations of Pure Math course, two hours of seminar, and an hour making a video lecture for the algebraic structures class.

Here are the videos for the algebraic structures class; it seems like a nice deliverable! It’s for the first section of the notes, which gives an introduction to the definition of a group, along with a bunch of examples.
Group Definition
Integers modulo n
Permutation Group
Dihedral Group
General Linear Group
The videos were shot in David’s house; the clip-on microphone that I picked up last year all but eliminated the terrible echo in the room. On the other hand, there’s a good bit of noise in the audio, which it would be great to figure out how to eliminate.

The first run of the seminar went pretty well; the audience ended up being a good chunk of our working group (Victoria and Hannington, in addition to David and I), along with about six firs-year undergraduates. Three of them I had helped the previous day with some probability homework, two were from the Foundations course, and the others seemed entirely random. Given the audience, I slowed things down quite a lot; none-the-less, we got through a few examples of representations of S_3!

In other news, there’s a scandalous amount of work coming down the pipe; the African Maths Initiative NGO just got approval from the Kenyan NGO board, which means that the website needs a lot of work. There’s also a pile of proposals to write up… And of course, still lots of teaching going on. Never a dull moment!