More Strike Down-Time

The Sizzling Brownie from Laughing Buddha, in Kisumu. It’s a brownie served on a hot plate with a big scoop of ice-cream on top, then drizzled with liquid chocolate which boils when it come into contact with the plate. Mind-bogglingly delicious.

There’s still no foreseeable end to the teacher and lecturer’s strike (in fact, the doctors are joining in, too, now), though I’m assured that there is to be a meeting on Monday to try to negotiate an end.  As such, we’ve been running lots of errands in the downtime…  And in-between work, we’ve been eating healthy amounts of ice-cream and playing a lot of Dominion!

I went into Nairobi to try to sort out my work permit again on Friday; I was assured by the Kisumu immigration office that I had all of the necessary paperwork, caught a flight to Nairobi, and went to the office there.  A low-level bureaucrat behind a heavily reinforced set of iron bars looked through the paperwork and then smiled widely and told me that a letter from the University to the immigration office was required, stating that they were applying on my behalf.  Apparently the letter of invitation from the university and the signature of the deputy vice chancellor on the form wasn’t enough to communicate the situation.  So, it was more-or-less a lost trip to Nairobi. (It’s possible to mail the forms in, but I would like to have it worked out by December if at all possible.  Submitting by hand means getting a receipt and the ability to harangue the office with calls, while a mailed application apparently sits on somebody’s desk for 12-18 months before being read.)  On the other hand, we had a nice dinner at the amazing corner Ethiopian restaraunt by Giovanna’s flat, and I met Gerald Ipapa from Innovations for Poverty Action.

Yesterday I helped put final touches on the report on the Maths Camp, and put a bunch of work into making a video about both this year’s and last year’s camps.  Hopefully we’ll have something roughly finalized soon…