Algebraic Structures Online Materials

One of my big projects for this term is to build a bunch of free electronic materials for Maseno e-learning’s Algebraic Structures course. We gave this class last term; it’s a second-year undergraduate course here, and we really need to use it as an opportunity to introduce the students to mathematical reasoning. They’re getting a bit of that from the online foundations of mathematics course, but here we have a chance to fully develop a course and make sure they’re engaging with the mathematics in a creative way.  At the same time, I want the materials to be useful in the outside world; if I’m putting all this work in, I want to avoid the m

I’m building a textbook (using some cool new-wave web technologies: html5+jquery+javascript+xml), which you can access here.  Right now it’s a bit of a text dump, but I’m making a bunch of video content, and plan to include Sage Interacts as well!  Here’s the first video I’ve finished.  (There are about four more already recorded, but my microphone battery died before I could do the audio tracks.)  The video style is obviously owing a lot to Vi Hart.

Here’s my super-high-tech recording studio! A cheap tripod+a coke case=a pretty decent tripod.

Feel free to leave suggestions and recommendations as comments!  I’m still fairly early in the project, with lots of room to adapt!