Maseno Maths Camp: Day One

We went for a beautiful, relaxing day in Kakamega Forest on Saturday night/ Sunday morning, and then came back to Maseno to meet the students as they arrived.  In the end about 140 have enrolled (so far), putting us at about five times the size of last year’s camp.  There are a few familiar faces from those 28, but the individual contact with the students has (so far) been a bit more sparse due to the increased size.  However, it’s early in the week, and we’re making a number of adjustments which might help a great deal in creating more personalized interactions.

One of the main things we’ve done is break the camp up into four ‘houses,’ named for the mathematicians Pascal, Fermat, Nash, and Turing.  We have some sessionsin which all the students attend, and others in which we’ve split the camp in two.  For example, tomorrow I’m running or helping to run a 1.5 hour class on what math research is like; it’s an activity-based session, so it’s broken into two groups and will run twice during the day, concurrent with other activity-based sessions which benefit from smaller (ie, reasonable) class size.

Super tired after another long day; having some troubles with my house, but the camp’s been great… off to sleep now!