Plot Summary

tom as zebra.
Camouflaged! Now you can’t see me!

My name is tom denton; I’m a mathematician, teacher, musician, art-school drop out, cooperative-type, and probably some other things, too.  I’m currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at York University and the Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada.  Last year I was a Fulbright Scholar for 2012-13 working at Maseno University in Kenya, working on math education and outreach.  Over the last few years, I’ve written math papers, co-founded a technology hub in Kenya, helped start and run math camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, co-authored a free linear algebra textbook, written some music, and lots of other things, too.

The blog takes its name from a Talking Heads song, Found a Job.   The characters in the song don’t like what’s on the television, and so they start making their own stories. If you don’t like what you see, imagine something new.


3 thoughts on “Plot Summary

  1. Due to the fact i somehow cannot post a comment under the “pi sage”-Blogentry, i’ll to it right here.

    i tried compiling sage 5.8 on my own raspberry pi, but it cancelled compiling after ~2 days.

    “Error building libm4rie”

    … so do you have a clue how did you solve this problem?


    • Yes, the lib4mrie package takes a long time to compile. I think on my machine it took six or seven days to compile. (Yes, crazy.) I believe the lib4mrie developers recently made a patch which should make it compile much more reasonably. One option, then, is to try the development source code. Another option is to try the binary I posted; it was made back in January, so it’s only a little bit out of date.

  2. Tom, Nice work, article about testing very inspiring, Currently am really thinking about testing ideas and following the resistance to testing in America. Why did the idea of standardized testing start in the first place, is there any other way of testing a curriculum (Learning, teaching, content appropriateness, and students readiness for progress )? I think before we completely rubbish the testing idea, Lets design alternatives, or atleast change the testing type to focus on multiple skills rather than recall.
    Nice Job Man.

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